Frequently Ask Questions

What is Bespoke Tailoring?



/bɪˈspoʊk/ : producing clothes that are made to fit a particular person

Bespoke Tailoring is the process of cutting, designing and producing a garment from scratch specifically for an individual customer. It involves a high degree of customization wherein the customer has full control over the fabric, fitting, style and comfort. This is how it stands above off the rack clothing.

How can I make an Appointment?

You can make an appointment on our “Book an Appointment” page at any of our boutique outlets or with Corporate Collars on Wheels when the van is in your vicinity. You can also call us on 022 2353 2122

How long does a Bespoke consultation appointment take?

Can I suggest a style or fit beyond your prescribed or catalogued styles?

I have a Fabric. I just need it to be tailored. Can you do that?

How long does it take to get a Bespoke garment made?

How many trial sittings are required?

Will there be scope for alterations?

What are the payment terms?

How should I store my garments?